1.21.13: Party!

In honor of the last official day of class, Paolo gets a haircut from one of the sidewalk barbers who do a brisk trade at Vuon Hoa Hang Dau Park. Then it’s off to DocLab for some very heartfelt written critiques about the Sound We See: Hanoi project and a very spirited group critique about Saturday’s screening. I never cease to be impressed by how engaged this group is, how seriously they take their work as young filmmakers and how generous they are in giving their fellow students ample time to express feelings and opinions. In a culture where family members and even friends may not be supportive of radical individual creative expression, DocLab provides a safe and well-equipped place to experiment and meet like-minded souls. This is important stuff and it’s been a real joy to be part of this family for the past month. But enough serious stuff… it’s time to party! Linh’s family hosts the entire class for a fantastic evening of food, drink, stories and songs. We celebrate well into the wee hours and wink at the moon on the way home… Oh, Hanoi, you’re too too good to us…


5 thoughts on “1.21.13: Party!

  1. What a great way to celebrate the amazing friendships you have made & the creative gift you have given to these young people. I’m anxious to see where the next adventure will take place.
    Love you guys!
    dad XX OO

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