1.8.13: Miracles Happen!

Thanks to the resourcefulness, determination and dedication of our Vietnamese friends, a replacement belt is found at a plumbing supply shop in the morning and the projector is running better than ever by the afternoon. “That’s how we won the war!” says Thi, with a smile. Today, we leave you with some stills from the raw footage of The Sound We See: Hanoi… Now it’s time to edit!

still 1still 3still 4still 2still 5still 6still 7still 8still 9still 10

2 thoughts on “1.8.13: Miracles Happen!

  1. I bet the Electrolux Dealer would have those belts, hee, hee. Good work, glad you got the show back on the road. Enjoy that “mountain wine” Paolo. Good luck with the editing.
    Dad XX

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