7.8.12: My Green Bike

In rural Ukraine there are two bike sizes: big and little. At Echo Luna, we’ve got one of each and if your body size is somewhere in between, you gotta stretch or hunch. I take the little one (green with a rat trap and a sweet white basket), Paolo takes the big one (black, goes by the name of Ukrainski) and off we ride into the early evening sunshine…

2 thoughts on “7.8.12: My Green Bike

  1. LEASE !
    Bucky just played a bike orientated bike concert for the Bristol Cycle festival…we played our bike song of course, ‘Bike Ride to the Moon’ by XTC…AND ‘My Pink Bike’!!! Simon sang your lines and i did Paolo’s! The kids got excited and some were reminded of being in the same venue (Kino) earlier in the year, back in that fabled February w/ the H & N… …DREAMY!

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