7.3.12: Ritual

Down the driveway, hang a right, past the cherry tree, past the tiger lilies, past the gate decorated with tulips and grapes, past the brown cat, past the rusty mailbox, past the pen of baby geese and the portable chicken coop, past the garden with the giant yellow squash, past the well with the bright purple lid, past the barking dog, past the golden lions, past the the pile of bricks, past the weird yellow thing, past the little goat who’s always yelling, past the field with the three orange sunflowers, past the place where the kids draw big hopscotch games on the road with multi-colored chalk, past the black-and-white cow, past the storks nest, past the watermelon patch, past the awesome red motorcycle with the matching sidecar, past the house where the friendly lady sells eggs, around the corner and there it is: the pond. Time to swim! There’s something about this late afternoon ritual that makes the entire day even better.

3 thoughts on “7.3.12: Ritual

  1. Thats no pond, thats a lake! We envisioned some puncy little water -hole. That looks really nice!

  2. La bella Lisa……

    You are living the dream.

    I count the days with joy in my heart until we are walking those magical moonlite roads together again. Viva the cinematic revolution…..love Paolo

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