6.23.12: A Ukrainian Welcome

Next stop: Echo Luna, the artist residency/retreat located in the small village of Legedzine in central Ukraine that was started by filmmaker Naomi Uman, Paolo and me in 2007. Since then, Naomi has spent a large portion of her time here, making films and paintings and becoming a beloved part of the Legedzine community. It’s rare that I get to spend more than a few days a year at Echo Luna so the prospect of an entire month in the village is exciting indeed. Naomi and Tatu meet my plane at Borispol airport which is all spiffed up to welcome the world to Euro Cup 2012. But before leaving for the village, we spend some time with musician friends in Kiev, here to play a festival show of traditional Ukrainian music with a twist… Privyet! It’s great to be back in the motherland!

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