6.3.12: Le Weekend

A long deep sleep as the rain falls down outside. Brioche Suisse and good coffee for breakfast. A stroll through Marché aux Puces St-Ouen de Clignancourt. Some stop motion animation with Max. A slow Sunday dinner at one of the sweet little bistros Mom and Julie have discovered in the neighborhood. A twilight walk up to Sacré-Cœur. I could get used to this…


3 thoughts on “6.3.12: Le Weekend

  1. This is a particularly fine batch of photographs dear Lisa.
    I love the pencils.
    …and the amazingly French looking child & dog. Have you seen the Francois Truffaut film ‘Pocket Money’ – the kids all look this way!!
    plus, the old magazines – naturally.
    Well, please keep having a terrific time and love to the many Marrs!

    1. Merci, mon ami! I haven’t seen Pocket Money but I just looked at the trailer on line and it looks pretty fantastic… I’d like to spend the next year here… watching French classic movies by day and wandering the streets all night….
      PS: There is a homemade guitar on the way to you right now by Dutch post… please let us know when it arrives!

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