5.18.12: True Bleu

As they say in the funny papers, you have to get back on the horse that threw you so today Julie treats me to a Market Tour/Market Tasting/Culinary Demonstration at none other than Le Cordon Bleu. By the end of this six-hour extravaganza of fresh French cuisine we are chortling like Julia Child, completely delirious on asperges sauvages with hollandaise and caviar, blood sausage, ash-dusted cheese, cherry tomatoes, black truffles, chervil, quail eggs, pork rillettes, ripe melon, rhubarb tart with almond cream, and about a thousand other tasty delights… Although Victor made us nervous at times, under the capable eyes of Chef Patrick #1 and Chef Patrick #2, no chickens were dropped on the floor during the making of this blog post!

5 thoughts on “5.18.12: True Bleu

  1. Thank you for being my partner in crime today. My stomach still hurts from laughing. Or maybe it hurts because I ate all of that food. Keeping looking for 101Sunrises…

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Good report on the shopping/cooking venture. Have a safe travel home….looking forward to seeing you & Paolo in June.

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