3.15.12: Beachy Keen

Paolo loves to study the weather forecast. Lately it’s been pretty much CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF CLOUDS so when today comes up as 65 degrees and sunny it’s time to hop on the bikes and ride! Through Delfshaven and over to Lloydkwartier where we catch a little ferry  down the Maas River to Heijplaat, a strangely tidy, strangely decorated and strangely deserted town originally built for dockworkers in the 1930s, ride past the piles of shipping containers and onto Quarantaineweg, the site of a former smallpox quarantine station whose overgrown brick buildings now contain an artists’ colony beside a shambling little farm  complete with frolicking pigs and mini ponies. Finally, the secret beach: sun, sand and beautifully striped seashells. On a late winter’s day, this is paradise.


3 thoughts on “3.15.12: Beachy Keen

  1. Nice – deserted towns are cool/eerie. I hope you kept that horse toy…
    We had a sunny day too, and guess what I did – I drove us to Vancouver and back again… I can’t remember the last time I drove right in to the city. It was very, very good. And the transmission is behaving perfectly. The Dodge Shadow knows she is home.

  2. Of course I kept the horse! And the shells and a nice stick of pampas grass. Treasures.
    Glad the transmission seems better. I’ve been that particular car problem four times with three different vehicles and it’s always a doozy!

  3. Happy to hear the weather is getting warmer…not so in BC. Eastern Canada is getting temperatures in the mid teens but not here. Went for fish & chips at Horseshoe Bay yesterday, C-Lovers, not bad. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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