3.5.12: Community Cinema As Catalyst

Lisa/Paolo Lecture Week kicks off at 10 AM with Out Of The Academy And Into The World: Community Cinema as Catalyst, a two-hour presentation to first and second year masters students at Piet Zwart Institute. After fortifying ourselves with strong coffee and the strangely addictive Dutch snack of peanut butter and chocolate sprinkles on brown bread, the afternoon is spent meeting with students one-on-one. Thanks to Manó, Loes, Cola, Demet, David, Astrid, Dennis, Daan and Laura for sharing your work and your working processes with us… the variety of projects and approaches is quite astounding. Coming up tomorrow: a discussion on How The Arts Impact Communities with the 3rd Year Honors Seminar at Willem de Kooning Academy. And then a two-part 8-hour lecture/workshop series on Wednesday and Friday for 3rd Year Fine Arts students at Willem de Kooning Academy: From DIY to DIT – A Short History of Echo Park Film Center and The Sound We See. I haven’t spent this much time in an institute of higher learning since 1989!

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