2.21.12: Cinematic Rotterdam

One of those winter days when the sunlight streams down so bright and beautiful you really do believe spring is creeping up around the corner.

In the morning: the first day of ceramics in a local studio after a long search. More on this at a later date but in the meantime: Thank You, Leslie!

In the afternoon: a visit to the Rotterdam Municipal Archives where we peruse some fantastic 1920’s city symphonies, including De Brug by Joris Ivens and Nul Uur Nu by Simon Koster. We also pick up a copy of Cinematic Rotterdam: “This publication zooms in on the part cinema has played in urban development between 1920 and 1980.” Could there be a more perfect text for The Sound We See: Rotterdam? Thank You, Anouk! Thank You, Floris!

In the evening: a community screening at WORM of the films neighborhood youth have been working on for the past three weeks at Digital Playground as a kind of warm-up to The Sound We See. Great job, everybody! And a special shout out to our powerhouse lady recruiters from Sonor and TOS who are working so hard to connect the kids with the project: Thank You, Ariëtte! Thank You, Tica! Thank You, Ceciel!

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