2.16.12: So ‘Dam Preciosa

This morning we hop on the Fyra to Amsterdam to meet with our new best friends Peter and Robert at Cineco… not only do they take time to give us a tour of the entire facility (the only film lab left in Holland) and show genuine enthusiasm for helping out with The Sound We See: Rotterdam, they send us on our way with a waterproof tote bag and two delicious sandwiches!

Next stop is a visit to Parallaxe, our favorite small gauge film shop in the entire world. Part Olde Curiosity Shoppe, part grandpa’s attic, part flea market explosion, this is the place to find that sweet little something you’ve been searching for, discover the projector you didn’t know you couldn’t live without, or just chew the fat with Johan… he loves to sing the praises of the Canon 1014!

Our film biz done for the day, it’s time to just wander the streets of Amsterdam, a city that can only be truly be summed up with the word preciosa: lovely and charming at every turn. The shop windows are works of art, the graffiti is poetic, the mailmen look like Woody Allen, the canals are filled with swans, the late afternoon light is perfect, and even the stoners in the park seemed carefully placed there by Central Casting…

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