2.8.12: Art Fair Frenzy

This weekend there will be FOUR art fairs going on concurrently in Rotterdam. Today we attend a special lunch and sneak peek celebrating Re: Rotterdam Art Fair, held on all eight floors of an empty office building with fantastic views of the city. Here’s a tiny sample of the exhibition…

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Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr travel the world, sharing movies and music with the masses. At home in Los Angeles, they facilitate community screenings and workshops at the Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit media arts organization.

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  1. David February 9, 2012

    Hi Art Lovers,
    I liked the Two Birds, the Lady in the costume, the Skeleton Death scene….very neat, and the Flying Clothes….that showed good imagination in my humble opinion. As for the rest I really don’t get it! How can a pair of sunglasses all alone on a wall be art?
    As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
    Keep up the good blogging.
    Dad XOX

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