1.30.12: Imagining Cinema

Today we are part of Imagined Cinemas, a one-day symposium exploring non-traditional cinematic experiences held at Piet Zwart and organized and moderated by Edwin Carels and Florian Cramer. Our fellow panelists include Pip Chodorov (who gives a rousing overview of the Lettrism), eteam (turns out we have mutual friends in the Center for Land Use Interpretation gang… check out their International Airport Montello project!) and Vincent Morisset creator of the utterly charming Bla Bla and interactive videos for Arcade Fire.

Afterwards, we walk out into the…snow! It’s the first of the season and everyone is a little bit giddy. Transmedia remains the buzzword of the day as we cap off the symposium with Simon Pummell’s  3D installation The Sputnik Effect and related feature film Shock Head Soul, a powerful unfolding of the life and writings of Daniel Paul Schreber.

One thought on “1.30.12: Imagining Cinema

  1. Hi Lisa,
    The weather over there sounds too cold for my liking……its about 30C here in Melaque at the moment even though the skies are cloudy….I like it!
    Dad XX

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