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October 22.21: A Hauz Is Not A House

A sunrise walk, a supreme breakfast (roasted apricot kernels!), a felicitous introduction to the delightful Zilola who is most definitely destined to be a forever friend (how could you not love someone whose beautiful jacket has a patch that says KOOK sewn on the front?) in addition to the official SWS translator, a stellar SWS […]

October 21.21 (Part 2): You Had Me At Salom

Renowned photographer, painter and curator Shavkat Boltayev greets us at the Bukara train station with a smile and a hug. Shavkat is the “founder of the legendary Bukhara school of photography, a native Bukharan, and one of the main experts of both the past and the present of this ancient city”. He’s also going to […]