Week 13: Art Is All Around

Our last week in Gothenburg overflowed with creative capers and heart to heart happenings.

End of the year art school shows… our fave: the fresh, sassy work at Dômen Konstskola

Scanning the analog horizon

Twilight Filmcycle screenings every night from one side of town to the other featuring films and photographs made in community during the past 3 months in Sweden

Studio visits with artists whose life and work represent the soul of Konstepidemin: Berit Jonsvik, Bibbi Forsman, Carina Fihn, Johanna St Michaels, Maria Magnusson, Nils Ramhøj, Pecka Söderberg and Pia König

The sweet springtime delight of homemade lilac syrup

Midnight blue cyanotypes thrown out to the night sky

A mad dash through all the galleries and museums left on our list

One last peruse and fika at our beloved treasure trove Saron Secondhand

A fabulously cacophonous cultural celebration: Hooray for Hammarkullekarnevalen!

Majornas Megaloppis, the giant neighborhood flea market, where we shouted out “Send us a Bolex!” and one instantly appeared!

A friend-filled Make It + Take It that ran all day and into the evening, ending with a humble offering to the twilight forest

A farewell Swedish studio supper with Maria and Linus

And the last stitch of the lollipop rag rug, begun in Week 1.

Full circle.

Lucky 13!

Thirteen weeks of art, adventure, exploration and camaraderie.

Thirteen weeks of moving through new landscapes, activating new rooms, dancing to new tunes, sparking bright collaborations, and dipping into new blue oceans of possibility.

To simply be. And be with others, kindred spirits all.

Tusen tack to IASPIS, to Konstepidemin, to Gothenburg, to everyone who welcomed us and created with us, and most especially to Maria. We love you dearly.

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