7.21.19: I’m A Little Bit Country

A beautiful country weekend get-away from the New Haven heatwave for some sweet summer fun with pals in Carmel, Red Hook, Warren and Fairfield. Big thanks to Pierre, Chelsea, Viv, Jules, Miko, Rosalia, Gisellah, Sido, and Mema for welcoming us with open arms, tasty eats, musical treats (“Sparkle Sparkle Unicorn” is an instant classic!), great conversation, inspiring art, and fabulous places to swim!



2 thoughts on “7.21.19: I’m A Little Bit Country

  1. A rare snap of Lisa Marr rocking out on the DRUMS!?
    And Paolo deep in a moment of art appreciation…
    Everyone looks trim and hip…esp. Louise’s spider.
    And these locales often look like an America i have never yet seen!??!
    SparkleSparkleUnicorn indeed!

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