7.14.17: Beet It

A beautiful eco-processing workshop and workshare screening with our kindred spirits at Baltic Analog Lab. Move over, Caffenol! Our Flower Power developer produced some mighty fine images on our secret stash of HiCon film but the superstar special ingredient might have been an ancient beet, found in the depths of one of the participant’s refrigerator! Three cheers for artist run lab spaces and the wonderful people who keep ’em happening!

6 thoughts on “7.14.17: Beet It

  1. This was extremely great experience. You make things easy, inspiring and beautiful. Love the little handmade Bolex 16 mm introduction manual, that’s the cutest thing I have ever seen, especially illustrations:) You brought the most precious present to us – sparkling passion not only for analog filmmaking, but life. Love you both Paolo and Lisa. If one man can’t change the World, you both do it with ease and joy.

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