7.9.17: Riga-A-Go-Go

SWS:Riga production time and it’s the first quiet moment in days to catch you up on who’s shooting when and where. This time around all 24 of our participants are artists with dynamic practices, visionary minds and a sense of adventure. What a treat to see this city through their eyes!

Sergejs Timofejevs (poet, writer) rode the train. Agnese Krivade (poet, writer) celebrated anti-squat art space D27. Pauls Bankovskis (writer) captured the quiet life down by the river. Kristiāns Brekte (mixed- media artist) set things on fire. Signe Birkova (filmmaker) zoomed at the zoo. Evelīna Ozola (architect, urbanist) went underground. Maija Kurševa (artist, publisher) looked at gallery life. Jānis Putniņš (avant-garde filmmaker) played with time. Ansis Starks (art and architecture photographer) went for a ride. Rolands Pēterkops (art fashion and costume designer) looked at lines and frames. Karlīna Vītoliņa (photographer) struck the pose. Aigars Bikše (artist, sculptor) transformed into a rabbit.  Odrija Fišere (writer, journalist) celebrated market mayhem. Gunārs Binde (photographer) followed the woman in black. Andris Freibergs (stage designer) brought down the Iron Curtain. Viesturs Meikšāns (theater director) went Soviet sci-fi. Atis Jākobsons (artist) veiled the ladies at dawn. Mārtiņš Grauds (film director) caught the world coming down.

That’s 18 in the can and 6 to go, folks!


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