7.1.17: I Love The Library

One of our favorite places in any city is the public library. But the Riga library isn’t just any old library, it’s the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF LATVIA aka The Castle of Light! Of course there’s all the regular library stuff but there’s also dozens of people getting wedding photos taken, there’s about a million art exhibits (pre-Euro Latvian coins featuring mushrooms, woodcuts featuring mushrooms, stamps featuring mushrooms…), there’s an old movie about how awesome libraries and bookstores are, there are plants and amazing views from every window, there’s a swanky cafe, there are color-coded chairs on each floor, and there is a stunningly sumptuous wall of books that Latvians donated and brought to the library in a crazy outdoor human chain in 2014 when it opened. Who cares if it’s raining and 60 degrees in July? We’ve got The Castle of Light!

6 thoughts on “7.1.17: I Love The Library

  1. Maybe the human chain that you mention refers to the Baltic Way, a peaceful demonstration for independence held in 1989 with about two million people joining hands across the Baltic states. It is a legendary event!

    1. Ah-ha! Sounds like these folks like to hold hands any chance they get! This event was part of an ongoing campaign called “A Special Book For A Special Bookshelf.” Here’s more from the Latvian National Library website:

      The campaign is an opportunity for everyone to donate a book – of special importance to themselves – to the National Library of Latvia (NLL), also writing a message or personal story relating to the book on its title page.

      Your donated book, together with more than 15 000 books donated by residents or Library guests, will reside in the “People’s Bookshelf” at the NLL, supplementing those relayed here in 2014, when Riga’s year as a European Capital of Culture was launched with the wonderful and unifying people’s action, the “Path of Light – Chain of Book Lovers”.

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