6.29.17: See Ya, Sofia!

Our five days in Sofia are quickly coming to an end. The endless icons, the socialist statues and funky fountains, the cute dogs, the bountiful breakfasts on the back porch, the Mean Fruit Lady, the hesher drummer in the park in front of Nevsky Cathedral playing a very out-of- time rendition of Eye Of The Tiger while smoking (and getting TONS of donations!), the kids in the parks, the groovy graffiti, the old ladies selling flowers and playing harmonica on the street, the tiny caviar spoons at the outdoor flea market, the underpass malls, the book and record stalls, the  mysterious traffic kiosks, the Dads and kids picking junkies out of the trees, the bridesmaid at the mafia wedding in the cathedral whose green dress barely covers her boobies, the male model waiter who stares intensely into your eyes at the end of the meal and seductively says “You want cakes?”,  the epic walk in the woods, the swallows at dusk, the sound of rain on the tin roof… We loved every minute of it!

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