5.29.15: The Sound We See: Berlin

There are days when everything is just perfect just as it is. The sun shines. The city hums. The door opens to a magical world you never noticed before. The friends gather. The music begins. Images flicker on the screen. We experience a moment in time together, a place of dreams and desire, connection and creativity, past and possibility. We come from all over the world but tonight we’re all Berliners.

Thank you Dagie and Khani for taking a wish and making it this. Thank you Alyssa, Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Andreas, Ati, Bernd, Dagie, David, Dylan, Enrique, Florian, Gabriele,  Jenna, Juli, Khani, Martin, Nadine, Namuun, Nico, Sara, Tiger, Xavier for joining this journey… May our paths meet again someday!

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