5.11.12: Bakfiets Film Screening & ビヨンセ! Biyonse

After weeks of planning, the day has finally arrived: the first ever Bakfiets Guerrilla Film Screening! Sparked by conversations as part of our DIY presentation some weeks back, the event is entirely organized, curated and presented by third year Willem de Kooning Academy fine arts students Lianne, Sarah, Pip, Nin Ke and Meral and features a lovely array of short experimental films (including one completed just hours earlier at Esther Urlus’ 16mm WORM workshop), homemade popcorn in one-of-a-kind bags, an enthusiastic kazoo orchestra that attracted the participation of two local ducks, a rousing round of Bingo, a Crunchy Nuts give-away, and a Chuck Berry dance party. Even the police are won over by the good vibe! Go, ladies, go!

And if this isn’t enough, the glorious night is topped off by the opening of Sound We See: Rotterdam participant/Piet Zwart Institute first year student Dennis van Vreden’s ビヨンセ! Biyonse at Roodkapje. Shake it, baby, shake it!

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