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October 26.21: Welcome

What is it about Bukhara that instantly envelopes you in a warm feeling of “welcome”? The mystical call to prayer at dawn? The people on the street who greet you by putting a hand on their heart and saying Assalomu Alaykum, literally “Peace be upon you.”? The tray of fruit and nuts offered by an […]

October 25.21: Mix It Up

We start the day with a comprehensive tour of Bukhara State Museum of Art and Architecture… Highlights include colorful work by young local artists, chess in the gallery, amazing curtains and meeting the debonair Muzaffar Abdullaev (thank you for the book and the sketch!). Then on to a bustling restaurant featuring tasty meat buns, zesty […]

October 24.21: Scenes From Election Day

It’s Election Day in Uzbekistan and everybody seems pretty chill about it. The previous presidential election was held in 2016, following the death of President Islam Karimov who was a controversial figure and ruled the country under a tight fist for 26 years. Today representatives from five political parties are on the ballot even though it is widely understood that […]

October 23.21: Hands On

Today, a journey to Gijduvan, about 40 miles from Bukhara. Women sing songs in honour of the birth of Muhammad at one of the seven sacred Sufi sites in the region. Seven generations of ceramicists make pottery for the people. Seven skewers of shashlik are devoured by Paolo, Lisa, Zilola and Shavkat at lunch…we share […]

October 20.21: The Future and The Past

Hop on the Tashkent Metro and instantly transport yourself to futuristic outer space or back six hundred years. Kosmonavtlar Station celebrates Uzbek cosmonaut’s including Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, who “is the first and youngest woman to have flown into space with a solo mission on the Vostok 6 on 16 June 1963. She orbited the Earth 48 times, […]

October 19.21: Flying

If life already seems like a strange waking dream these days with time moving in the most mysterious ways, flying across the world for The Sound We See #23 is truly a trip! When the plane is delayed you can make lemonade by basking in the sun. When you miss your flight you can just […]

August 28.21: Because The Night

It’s time for the big SWS: Treaty 4 (Regina) premiere, screening outdoors in the warehouse district as part of Nuit Blanche Regina, “a transformative after-dark arts festival that affords goers the opportunity to experience art like never before.” It all starts with a rainbow leading right to the venue… friends and family gather as twilight descends… images […]

August 27.21: All Together Now

Day 5 of 5 of Film Camp 2021 already????? Today, as we stitch our individual hours together into a collective vision of this very special time and place, we’re reflecting on how much fun it’s been getting to know each other and creating movie magic together over these past few days… I have a feeling […]