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5.10.18: Gettin’ Schooled

Up early today to hop a bus that will take us a couple of hours up the coast to Polo Educativo Technológico – Arrayanes, a magical school in a forest next to the ocean where 500 students (70 of whom live on campus) engage in filmmaking, environmental studies and boat building. PARADISE! What a pleasure […]

5.9.18: Living Lab

It may seem like we’re living in the lab these days and that is basically true but our 60-minute daily round-trip walk between EAC and Piedras Street gives us a chance to check out/stumble upon some of MDV’s many little delights…    

5.7.18: Amping Up/Wrapping Up

As things amp up in the lab for Blow Up with breakfast meetings, filming, interviews, Super 8 Tri-X Lomo processing, optical printing, 16mm hi-con sound stock bucket processing, gear repair, and 16mm color and black & white projections and all the associated emotions (hope! depression! elation! confusion! resignation! hope!) all happening at the same time, […]

5.5.18: LAB/FAC/EAC

On this happy Saturday, the LAB is rocking with a lady-magick caffenol workshop and Marto y Ana’s Blow Up S8 shoot/process (Ravela!!!!) in between a powerful presentation of feminist film and video work at FAC and a wild style expanded cinema extravaganza at EAC… Film can be ferocious and fun!

5.3.18: Spark It Up

Morning: film processing (3 rolls!). Afternoon: dance party/bread breaking/guest lecture with my lady pals Kathy Brew, Cristiana Miranda and Ángela López Ruiz for dynamo Profesora Ana Laura López de la Torre’s feminist social practice class at the School of Fine Arts. Twilight: walk through the city, rubbing shoulders with the Uruguayos in that free-n-easy post-work mood. […]

5.2.18: Surprise Surprise

Now the fun really begins! We’ve got 8 rolls of SWS: Montevideo Super 8 to process, the Blow Up project is starting, and it’s the first day of the Montevideo Cine Experimental with the Ping Pong performance at Colección Engelman-Ost, a massive private collection of contemporary Uruguayan art hiding behind an unassuming door on an […]

4.29.18: Oh Yes It’s Ñoqui Night

The 29th of the month is Dia del Ñoquis in Uruguay, the day everybody eats a big pile of gnocchi with some money tucked beneath the plate to insure a prosperous month to come. But before we eat, there’s much to do. First, check out the Feria de Tristan Narvaja, a weekly event (since 1909!)  […]