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November 5.21: Casting Call

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a movie, like you’ve answered some sort of a kooky casting call to play the role that will lead you on the adventure of your own existence? Today, taking a little break from an epic SWS: Bukhara editing session with Behzod, Umida, Ravshan, Ruxhora and Baby Behtarin, […]

November 4.21: Wolverine

No, not the character from the Marvel Universe possessing razor sharp claws, the ability to heal any injury rapidly and a skeleton reinforced with an indestructible metal, but the tiny telecine machine that is working overtime today digitizing a dozen rolls of Super 8 containing all the raw footage for SWS: Bukhara. Okay, so this […]

November 3.21: Your Moment Of Cat

One of my favourite neighbourhood characters here on Pochchokulkhodji Street is The Cat With No Name. A free spirit with a winning personality and a musical meow, The Cat can usually be found after lunch soaking up the sun on the little bench in the Guest House upstairs atrium. We exchange greetings. I sit down. […]

October 31.21: By The Horns

Up early early and off to the Sunday morning livestock bazaar on the outskirts of town… If you have never found yourself in the pre-dawn murky midst of hundreds of sheep (with and without horns), cows, horses, men and boys, well my friend, you are certainly missing out on a most unusual and invigorating experience. […]

October 30.2021: Take A (Second) Look

After a little visit with Gueorgui Pinkhassov and his Magnum Learn workshop participants, it’s time to get back on the horse and do some reshoots! Nuriddin and Ravshan document a meeting of the Olimjon Caravanserai Chess Club (“Does my breath smell like vodka”) while Muhammad goes for Take 2 with his powerhouse businesswomen Aunties. And […]

October 29.21: That’s Cold

The temperatures are starting to dip making for a fresh start to the day: Nuriddin films the old city waking up, with merchants and artisans setting up their wares in anticipation of their first customers. We wander the deserted courtyards of mosques and madrassas until it’s time for Bezhod’s film shoot at home of an […]

October 28.21: The Holy and the Hedonist

A day that begins with a visit to the Mausoleum of Sufi Saint and spiritual teacher Bakhouddin Naqshbandi (“The heart – with the God, hands at work”), continues on to the Summer Palace (where dancing boys and harem girls washed in donkey’s milk once frolicked for the pleasure of the last Emir), on to the […]