6.2.12: Doei Rotterdam, Bonjour Paris

Eat one last piece of Turkish pizza? Check.

Return bikes to Florian? Check.

Leave keys for Marijke? Check.

Stash giant duffle bags at WORM? Check.

Get strangely emotional and shed a few tears? Check.

And then we’re on the Thalys train, watching the countryside whiz by between the station stops… Antwerp, Brussels and next thing you know: Paris!

We’ve left one family behind but there’s another one waiting for us… And as we walk up rue Caulincourt, they are all gathered on the balcony to meet us: Mom, Dad, Julie, Glen and Max. Another place, another home, another adventure about to begin….

4.15.12: Run, Rotterdam, Run!

This day begins at 2 am with Dennis’ slo-mo glamorama film shoot, some mad processing to get everything ready for the 2 pm class, a peek at the 32nd Rotterdam marathon, and then a great Sound We See session – darkroom basics and coffee/sugar/cayenne pepper photograms with Esther followed by projection and discussion of all the footage shot so far. I continue to be impressed and delighted by the many ways this group supports each other through each step of the project… we’ve really become a tight-knit family in a few short weeks. The day ends with Zara’s 6 pm shoot in Delfthaven’s “Magic Tunnel”… everyone walking by becomes part of the film!