Category: The Sound We See: Pamplona

3.5.18: Punto De Vista Is ON!

We finish the Sound We See at 5 am (and it’s a beauty!!!!), sleep for four hours and hightail it over to Baluarte to pick up our insanely good goodie bags and immediately immerse ourselves in cinema mode. So proud of Sound We See: Pamplona participants Marina Lameiro and Maddi Barber who both have films […]

3.4.18: Not 59, Not 61…

The weekend editing frenzy has set in! The challenge: each filmmaker must cut their segment down to EXACTLY 60 SECONDS. We’re all hopped up on pastries and cheese and coffee and we’re not stopping ’til this film is DONE!!!!!!!!        

3.2.18: Shine A Bright Light

It’s Family Fun Day at the apartment on Calle San Nicolas as Jorge and Txisti and Ricardo and Iune and Garbiñe hang out all afternoon and into the evening to process the last roll of film, eat, dance, read, nap and telecine 24 hours of beautiful images…      

3.1.18: Get The Point

Putting together a fabulous film festival is a TON of work. Calls for submissions, viewing submissions, making selections, notifying filmmakers, assembling programs, dreaming up special programs, securing funding, inviting filmmakers, selecting judges, coordinating travel and accommodations arrangements for visiting filmmakers, press and promotion, subtitling prints, securing the venues, making posters and trailers, designing the program […]

2.28.18: Process Pros + SNOW!

We wake up this morning to big beautiful snowflakes drifting down outside the window… Winter wonderland in Pamplona! After some frolicking with the Super 8 it’s back inside for a 12-hour processing marathon and snack-a-thon. Nice work Sandra & Idoia, Celia & Ruben, Marina & Katxo, Ione & Maite and Mirari & Das!!!! We’re 12 […]