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Week 12: Choose Your Own Paradise

In the short time we’ve been away, Gothenburg has transformed into a lush, green oasis… every leaf unfurled, every blossom bloomed, the sun smiling down on everyone. “Swedish Summer” is right around the corner; it’s time to play and explore!

On Monday, we stroll the Botanical Garden and inhaled the scent of the season.

On Tuesday, we play with light and shadow. The simplest things are still the most magical.

On Wednesday, we work with students from Dômen Konstkola, Konstepidemin’s robust patch of stinging nettles, and a bit of purple cabbage leftover from Awakenings to create a collaborative Super 8 film bursting with alchemical energy.

On Thursday, (a holiday of obscure religious origin), we take a fantastic and fantastically inspiring journey to former woolen mill town and current quirky kooky steampunk paradise Uddebo (be sure to wear some feathers in your hat!) where we connect with instant soulmate sisters Linnéa and Linnéa whose radical textile work with Dreamfactory and other projects is an energized invitation to explore possible ways to survive and thrive in a post-industrial society.

On Friday, we use some ancient caffenol to process some Illy coffee can pinhole images… Oracularly mysterious!

On Saturday, it’s an epic cyanotype/photograms/photobooth of change/Super 8 workshop overflowing with terrific new friends of all ages (and the surprise appearance of SWS: Gothenburg 2016 participant Emely Hansson Cuadros!) in the cool courtyard our favourite community centre: Kulturhuset Bergsjön followed by a sumptuous, high-spirited sing-a-long Swedish Summer Supper with Magnus, Sofia, and the two newest (and most adorable) members of the You Are My Sunshine fan club.

And finally the sweetest Family Sunday in beautiful Bokenäs with Mama Kerstin, Sister Kristina, Dearest Maria and Grillmeister Linus… the warmest of welcomes, delicious traditional meals made with love and local ingredients (moose sausages!!!), walks through the countryside and down memory lane, two cool cats (one sociable, one shy), tours of the garden and the cutest little cabin, the first swim of the season, and lots of laughter. So grateful for this ever-expanding circle of love…

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