May 26:22: Magic at 18 Frames A Second

The Sound We See: A Baltimore City Symphony premiered on May 26 to a wildly enthusiastic audience at the historic Parkway Theater: a magnificent culmination of a most extraordinary week in Baltimore! Congrats to filmmakers Paris Bishop, Victor Rei Brown, Lara Grantz, Kai Hams, Denzel Mitchell III, Seamus Mogge, Amirah Peay, Dylan Pritzlaff, Sophia Richardson, Adyn Rosenberg, Donovan Simpson, Grace Sutherland, A.W. Taylor, and Rachael Tyler who wholeheartedly dove into this cinematic adventure and captured the resonant complexity of their town and their times so beautifully. Hats off to musicians Quinn Rehkemper (Saxophone), Leo Ross (Saxophone), Odelia Elliott (Electric Guitar), Benjamin Murray (Upright Bass), Daniel Fairlie (Drums) who embraced live improve for the first time and came up with a collective score that brought the house down. This was the first collaboration between the Music and Visual Storytelling departments at the Baltimore School For The Arts and we sure hope it won’t be the last! Experience the magic here.

Big shout out to all the organizations and individuals who made this project possible: Charles C. Baum Film & Visual Storytelling Lead Funders Patricia and Mark Joseph, a grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Bea Bufrahi, Rosiland Cauthen, Ed Hrybyk, Pat Galluzzo, Sandra Gibson, Joe Giordano, Greg Golinski, Christy LeMaster, Nancy Steiner, Imbie Tamba, Brigid Zuknick and most especially our dear Meg Rorison without whom The Sound We See: Baltimore would never have come to be.

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