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November 6.21: Fast Train To Samarkand

The SWS: Bukhara is completed and passed along to the musicians so it’s a good time to do a little exploring! Samarkand is the obvious choice… jewel of the Silk Road, “garden of the soul.” one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia (founded 7th century BC), historic center of the Tajik people, and only an hour and a half away by high speed train… We throw a stack of cash and a change of clothes in our backpacks and All Aboard! Upon arrival, we stroll over to the legendary Registan, Samarkand’s huge public square framed by three magnificent madrasahs, considered a “must see” at night (and indeed there’s a glitzy garish light show and a dj spinning groovy tunes) but the most stunning sight is three tiny children heaving a huge cart of bottles and cans up a city street in zany Saturday night traffic without batting an eye.

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