October 25.21: Mix It Up

We start the day with a comprehensive tour of Bukhara State Museum of Art and Architecture… Highlights include colorful work by young local artists, chess in the gallery, amazing curtains and meeting the debonair Muzaffar Abdullaev (thank you for the book and the sketch!). Then on to a bustling restaurant featuring tasty meat buns, zesty bowls of lagman, and roving carts loaded with salads and mysterious green liquids… kinda like the Uzbek version of dim sum! A quick dash to the sweetest ever Mom n’ Son hardware store for a couple of buckets and we were off to set up our lab at the Photo Gallery and do a little test processing before The Sound We See: Bukhara officially kicks off tomorrow. It’s Pomegranate Juice vs. Green Tea + Hazorispan and the undisputed champ is… G+H!!!! Turns out that tantalizing “herb of a thousand problems” doesn’t just repel the Evil Eye but makes a darn fine secret ingredient for eco-developing too!

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