October 19.21: Flying

If life already seems like a strange waking dream these days with time moving in the most mysterious ways, flying across the world for The Sound We See #23 is truly a trip! When the plane is delayed you can make lemonade by basking in the sun. When you miss your flight you can just sit tight or pedal your delay away. When you land a little late there’s no need to hate because there’s a sweet new friend at the other end who will speed you away in his white Chevrolet, racing along beside dozens of other white Chevrolets because that is the #1 car here by far! There’s an old cat to greet you at the Art Hotel and the nearby museum is equally swell. There’s cheesecake and coffee and plov made for three, there’s a walk by the river, there’s fire in the trees! There’s potters and Popeyes and people so nice, they welcome you once and they welcome you twice. At the end of day, we’re still 12 hours ahead; now we’re going to sleep in this nice comfy bed!

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