12.6.18: Stylish

Here is your Saint Petersburg style report for December 6: balloons caught on wires, pineapples (fresh and candied), bronze stars, bronze men, working gals, welders, weird Santas, anthropomorphic busses, ladies who look like matryoshka dolls, bears, and cats in courtyards are IN. Please plan accordingly.

Something that is ALWAYS in style is excitement over analog film!

Our visit to the Saint Petersburg School of New Cinema was full of delightful surprises. And I’m not just talking about rad linoleum, lonely suitcases, a secret film processing lab hidden behind a bookshelf and more wood paneling than you can shake a stick at. No, I am talking about a whole room full of students spanning the entire school who are PASSIONATE about the idea of creating a collaborative analog film together. Heck, one of them has a film WAVE tattooed on his arm! PASSIONATE!

The Sound We See: Saint Petersburg is off to a great start. Special thanks to Nastya and Lera for getting this student body connected with Super 8!

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