12.5.18: The Dark Side

Ah, Saint Petersburg! It’s so good to see you again! We were here way back in 2006, playing music and showing films with our friends Pierre de Gaillande and Hilary Downes and then again in 2010 as the end point in an epic Trans-Mongolian train journey with The Metabolic Studio. But both those encounters took place during sultry summers when the days were warm and the white nights stretched twilight into the wee hours of the morning.

This time we’re here to experience your dark side.

This beguiling city is our home for the next month thanks to the generous invitation of CEC Artslink, an organization founded in 1962 at the height of the cold war with the goal of bringing American and Russian creatives together and the belief that “the arts are a society’s most deliberate and complex means of communication and that the work of artists and arts administrators can help nations overcome long histories of reciprocal distrust, insularity and conflict.”

Their Back Apartment Residency–the “back apartment” is the former servants’ quarters in a glamorous apartment furnished with a wild mix of patterns, quirky communist lamps, a silver samovar, a penguin and a Lenin–brings artists and curators from around the world to Saint Petersburg to meet and collaborate with their Russian counterparts and hopefully plant lasting seeds for continued engagement. We can’t wait to get started on The Sound We See #18 where there will certainly be a few surprises in store. Stay tuned!

When sunrise is at 9:40 am and the sun sets a few minutes shy of 4 pm, you get OUT THERE during the daylight hours, jet lag or not! And so a few images from our first day back in the arms of our old friend…


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  1. OH i did not see that weather app shot! But i dunno, how cold that is on that other scale i am familiar with?!
    BOR – RING, sorry…

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