Italia Part 4: Cane, Carne, Cannone

Whether it’s lounging in the sun at Polignano A Mare, sniffing caper berries in Matera, practicing for the upcoming Reggae Tadpole show in Alberobello, enjoying gelato in Altamura (Buona serrata, Magdalena!) watching World Cup and eating cheese at the home of Paolo Sr., getting inspired thanks to morning espresso (liquid ideas!) and constitutionals (“There’s so many old men here!”), or just hanging out and painting awhile, it’s always a party when Joff Winterhart comes to town!


3 thoughts on “Italia Part 4: Cane, Carne, Cannone

  1. A) Did Joff make a reed dip pen?? B) What are those notebooky things? C) Is Max getting handsomer by the day??? D) I love you all….!!! oh and E) Nice Poste πŸ™‚ I feel like that is for me, even if it isn’t. I am claiming it. <3 Can't wait to see how this all unfolds through the roving, discerning, quirky eye of Lisa's stealth camera.

    1. Buona mattina! Not sure if Joff made the pen but he can certainly wield it like a Ninja! Notebooky things were the massive menus at the sports bar! Max is DEFINITELY getting handsomer by the day but also even sweeter, if you can comprehend that! Of course the Poste is for you!!!!! And we’ll be sending you some soon!!!!!!! Off to Oria today to stay at the new Everyone At The Table headquarters… Stay tuned….

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