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5.15.18: So Long, South America!

Six magical weeks. What will we miss the most? The smell of meat grilling on sidewalk parillas? The little doctors roaming the streets alone and in packs? The overworked dog walkers? Mate culture aka “a kiss with a straw”? Late starts? Big pours? The garbage cart horses and silent ambulances of Montevideo? Merienda, the little late afternoon meal that’s more like a second breakfast than an after-school snack? Fizzy water served in old time-y seltzer bottles? Snazzy old ladies and gents in jaunty hats? Elegant elevators? Blind singers on the bus? The best flea markets in the whole wide world? Wild fonts and painted flowers? Street politics? Sunday night tangos? Cortados in lovely cups? Dulce de leche everything? Everyone kissing everyone hello and goodbye? All of this, yes, but of course it’s our dear new friends we’ll miss the most. So much gratitude for our growing Sound We See family! Chau, Chicos!!!!

Special thanks to The Canada Council for the Arts and The Foundation for Contemporary Arts for their generous support in making this amazing adventure possible!





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