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4.27.18: A Tale Of Two Art Schools

The Dodgers or The Yankees. DC or Marvel. The Beatles or The Stones. Alexis or Krystle. Cats or Dogs. We can debate it until the cows come home but rivalries are the spice of life. Today, it’s sheer delight to do back to back presentations (divided by a HUGE thunderstorm!) for multi-media students and faculty at Universidad Católica del Uruguay and art students, faculty and community members at Universidad de Republica Uruguay Faculdad de Arte. Who came out on top in this battle of the art schools? EVERYBODY! Thanks to Julieta, Felipe, Sophia, Florencia and Ferndando for your great help with facilitation, projection and translation, thanks to all the students for your interest and awesome questions, and thanks to The Canada Council for the Arts and The Foundation for Contemporary Arts for your generous support in making these presentations possible!

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