3.5.18: Punto De Vista Is ON!

We finish the Sound We See at 5 am (and it’s a beauty!!!!), sleep for four hours and hightail it over to Baluarte to pick up our insanely good goodie bags and immediately immerse ourselves in cinema mode. So proud of Sound We See: Pamplona participants Marina Lameiro and Maddi Barber who both have films in competition this year. Marina’s film Young & Beautiful is a moving five-years-in-the-making exploration of friendship and the quest for love, belonging and creative fulfillment; the film also includes Sound We See-ers Ione Lameiro, Das Perez and Nais in the cast! Maddi’s Yours Truly is an intimate look at the mesmerizing taxidermied wildlife collection at The Manchester Musem, made with her pals Christopher Murray and Charlotte Hoskins. Other highlights were a rare 16mm screening of Gregory J. Markopoulos’s Galaxie (looking good, Susan Sontag!) and See You Tomorrow, God Willing, the sweetest story about a group of feisty local nuns (JOFF!!!!!!!) getting through old age with humor and determination. Celebrity nuns in the audience were mobbed by adoring fans! Perfect “Opening” film for Punto de Vista 2018.

2 thoughts on “3.5.18: Punto De Vista Is ON!

  1. WHOAH – I am, as my nieces would put it, ‘well jell’ (as in ‘most jealous!’) – hanging out w/ the celeb nuns and seeing their movie…how was it?/were they?
    Also, poss. song title – ‘(looking good, Susan Sontag!)’
    Really miss you kids!

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