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6.27.17: No Woman No Cry

Call it sentimental b***s***, but there are days when you just feel like looking at beautiful painted portraits of women. Thankfully, in Sofia the National Gallery has a stunning array of work by Bulgarian painters including my new favorites Elena Karamihailova, Sultana Surujon, Tzeno Todorov, Stefan Ivanov, Boris Mitov, Petar Morozov, Ivan Nenov, Yoan Leviev, Lika Yanko, Dechko Uzunov, Iliya Petrov, Kirll Tzonev and Vladimir Dimitrov-Maystora. There is also an abundance of adorable old lady gallery guards who spend their time dozing in chairs or leaving their purses and jackets on the chairs while they silently ramble around for a while. Enjoy!

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