1.20.17: Avanti!

Another packed house at the Museo Tamayo for Premiere #2 of The Sound We See: A Mexico City City Symphony. What a week! I think Paolo perfectly summed up the evening and this project with his welcome to the beautiful audience of friends, family and filmmakers…

My words will be very short but I just want to give a besito a todos… Thank you so much for being here… your energy and your love….

My name is Paolo I’m from Italy… the love of my life Lisa Marr is from Canada.

We’ve been here for only one week. One week ago, we were sitting in a room, drinking chelas with a map of Ciudad de Mexico and we made a dream come true with so many visions, a beautiful band and tonight will see the fruit of this labor.

I just want to say this is the best of humanity. We have Mexicanos, Italianos, Canadeses, Colombianos, people from  Argentina, we have young people, viejitos, people working together and that is the best of humanity because today we also saw the worst of humanity.

Today we elected a president in the United States who will preach hate and intolerance but that is not our world. This is our world. It’s a world of love. It’s a world of community. Avanti!




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