11.6.16: Rave On

This day begins at 3 am when we walk through the snow to catch a bus to the outskirts of town to meet Erik for his All Saints Day shoot at the cemetery. Similar to the Mexican Day of the Dead/Ofrenda  tradition we’re familiar with in California, the Swedish also have a tradition of placing candles and mementos (even a few jack-o-lanterns) on the graves of loved ones this time of year. Fortified with hot cups of tea, we hop on the bus again and head for the warehouse district near the Älvsborg Bridge so Maida can film the end of a “black party,” illegal underground dance extravaganzas where the fun lasts 12 hours. We wend our way home with the dawn, stop for a surreal American diner-style breakfast served by the world’s friendliest waitress at a place called Egg & Milk and then sleeeeeep. In the evening, we meet up with Maria, John, Sally, Sara and Tilda for the 7 pm shoot at Liseberg Amusement Park, a local landmark since 1923. It’s the last night of their spooky fall celebration where you can win a giant Kexchoklad bar at the wheel of fortune, ride the crazy swings in the frigid air, or get the bejesus scared out of you at the haunted house. Good times, Göteborg!


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