10.18.16: Hej Hej, Gothenburg!

We’re in Gothenberg after the most smooth-sailing international traveling experience ever (two thumbs up for you, Scandanavian Airlines, for your super friendly staff, tasty food, clean bathrooms, guided meditation soundtrack and a movie called Keanu edited by our friend Nicholas Monsour, plus a special shout out to you, jovial Swedish customs man!).

I love a county where you can use the same word for hello and goodbye. Here in Sweden, that word is “Hej” which sounds like “Hey.” You can use the word once OR twice. Hej or Hej Hej are both a-okay! Throw in ja (yes), nej (no) and tack (please OR thank you!!!!) and I’m feeling bilingual already.

A big Hej Hej to my filmmaker friend Maria Magnusson and her DJ partner Leenus de Milo. I met Maria at the Film Farm back in 2013 and we bonded over our love of analog. After Maria did a residency at EPFC last year, we talked about the possibility of a Sound We See: Gothenburg. Thanks to Maria’s great work, the dream is a reality and here we are having dinner together at their cozy flat at the beginning of what is sure to be an exciting collaboration. A real rainbow day!




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