6.4.16: Workshop Wonderland

We got to Kamakura in the early afternoon and before we even put our stuff inside the house, we were being whisked off onto yet another journey. Mr Kawakami, one of the elders of the town, took us up into the hills for a beautiful nature walk along ancient samurai trails and we even saw Mount Fuji through the clouds! When we got back from the walk, we unpacked and started to get ready for the workshop. There were about 30 people at the class and Lisa, Paolo and I were each in charge of a station: Lisa did the Photobooth of Change, Paolo shot some Super 8 with the kids, and I worked on the Cyanotypes. I played with the kids after, and then we had snacks, played Bingo and watched movies (Thanks for all the amazing translating, Shinji!). Afterwards there was watermelon, soba, tea (for the kids) and saki (for the grownups) and everyone talked late into the night.




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Paolo Davanzo and Lisa Marr travel the world, sharing movies and music with the masses. At home in Los Angeles, they facilitate community screenings and workshops at the Echo Park Film Center, a non-profit media arts organization.

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