5.16.15: Saturday’s Alright for Filming

The day begins at midnight with an all-in shoot at Heiner’s Cozy Hideaway aka Club 39 where it all began just one week ago! Then some hot drinks and sweet treats at the legendary Salut where the legendary Tiger shoots the Turkish bakers doing their thing at 2 am. Khani and Dagie get natural at Müggelsee at 10 am.  Kiss the morning… It’s time to go to bed!

IMG_7737IMG_7735 IMG_7743 IMG_3742 IMG_7773 IMG_778011011102_10205913324529605_7024809251513969714_n11146612_10205364537887652_8165894815287508142_n



2 thoughts on “5.16.15: Saturday’s Alright for Filming

  1. I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Viva La Bella Famiglia!!!

    Long Live the Cinematic Revolution!!!

    Thanks for the love these projects bring to the world.

    It is a better place because of it!



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