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4.11.15: Sit and Spin

Our B&B hosts Joy and Dave can do anything! A scientist and structural engineer by profession, they also make Green Man garden sculptures, build tree houses, play Stranglers songs on guitar and dig up Elizabethan coins in the garden. And of course as the humans at the helm of Apple Vale Alpacas, they’ve learned all kinds of things about the care, feeding, breeding, shearing and showing of those adorable creatures since getting their first little furry family of three many years ago. Today we delve into yet another area of expertise: fiber arts! Over a convivial three hours, Joy shows me how to spin gorgeous grey alpaca fleece into wool, how to use a small loom to weave a scarf, belt or bracelet, how to dye natural fleece into every color in the rainbow, how to needle felt, and how to felt the fleece into a bowl and a boa. Have you ever seen a felted painting of the Glastonbury Tor at sunset? The sky is the limit!

The Sound We See: Somerset gang are also out of this world today as editing wraps up (good job Janette, Frank, Yolanda, Barry, Adrian, David, Beckie and Patrick!) and the credits and titles are shot and processed. What a wonderful whirlwind the last two weeks have been. We’ve got a movie, folks!


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