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4.1.15: I Pity The Fool(s)

Rise and shine! It’s 2:30 am and time to head over to Burns The Bread on the Glastonbury High Street for Andrew and Kevin’s shoot (thanks for letting us crash at your place after pints of cider at the King Arthur pub, Rob!). Never before has a “slider” been used on a Sound We See segment! You guys are pros! And speaking of pros, if you have never sat on a staircase next to warm ovens watching a baker’s dozen of bakers make all kinds of breads, rolls, hot-cross buns and assorted sweet and savory gluten-y treats in a kind of beautiful and silent ballet, well, you should.

At 10 am it’s Frank and Paul’s intervelometer odyssey from Bridgwater to Taunton: Somerset time travel at its finest!

In the afternoon, it’s off to Magicland, aka Emma and Douglas and Bunny and Monte’s fantastic house in the wee country village where the 5-o’clock shoot is more like the mad hatter’s tea party complete with costumes, Victorian sponge, and a dog named Boo. We laugh so hard we actually pee our pants. All of us.

Can this crazy day get any better? Why, yes it can! Because our next stop is Williton’s Bakelite Museum where we enjoy an unbelievably tasty dinner in front of a cozy fire with our natty hosts Patrick and Imogen and then spend the midnight hour wandering (and filming) the most wondrous collection of objects (a light brown bakelite coffin???) you have ever imagined, not to mention that these zillions of things are displayed inside an old flour mill! With bats! Pinch me!

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