3.28.15: Somerset Is The Place To Be For Sound We See

Thanks to a grant from the British Council and the Department of Cultural Affairs Los Angeles, we’re in Bridgwater to invite the community to participate in the latest installment of The Sound We See. This time around it’s a COUNTY symphony and we’ve got 30 delightful folks ranging in age from 9 to somewhere in the region of 70 (although none of you look a day older than 39!) raring to go.

Today is a chance for everyone to gather at The Engine Room/Somerset Film (our fabulous host/partner organization!) to share ideas, take ownership of specific hours of the day/night, shoot Super 8, process film (in coffee, in tea, and in local cider! and they all turned out GREAT!) and even learn a bit about the telecine process (thanks, Warwick!). Nine hours later…. we’ve got the start of a very tantalizing City Symphony!

IMG_2514 IMG_2529IMG_2535IMG_2541IMG_2550IMG_2564IMG_2567IMG_2605IMG_2611IMG_2640IMG_2633IMG_2653

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