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9.21.14: Puppy Therapy

Normally we are not the cheeriest of early risers but who could be grumpy for even one second when the 6 am shoot is all about playing with seven adorable husky pups! Thanks to Megan and Robert and Aidan and Logan for the puppy therapy followed by a super tasty breakfast of hot coffee, toast and moose sausage in their cozy log house. Food for the body and friendship for the soul.

The weather continues to smile on us. When the morning rain tapers off, we seize the moment to visit Georgie’s camp. Many Old Crow families have cabins up or down river where they spend time “on the land.” Georgie and Mary Jane are passionate and articulate advocates for the traditional Gwitchin way of life and they practice what they preach. Georgie spends almost half the year at this beautiful spot: hunting, fishing, drying hides, watching, waiting, always learning. His vast storehouse of knowledge and experience is now being passed down to the younger generation… Five-year-old grandson Desmond eagerly soaks it all up, helping to tie up the boat, chop wood, pick berries (we’ll be using those to develop the Super 8 Mary Jane is shooting today!), feed the dogs (Georgie had a champion sled dog team back in the day… Raced all the way to Fort McPherson and back!) and even wash up the lunch dishes.

Our afternoon on the land is inspiring, exhilarating and humbling. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your world with us, Georgie and Mary Jane!

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