1.29.14: Building A Better Pinhole

It’s design and build day for the Sound We See Pinhole Workshop and we collectively decide to stay at NID’s Paldi campus to source materials and utilize the beautifully equipped woodshop. What a joy it is to start the day outdoors with a delicious cup of spicy chai and good conversation! What a joy it is to work in a bright, clean space with lots of windows opened up wide to let the warm winter sunshine in! What a joy it is to work with a group of students so willing and able to take on any challenge with enthusiasm, intelligence, determination, dedication and good design sense! What a joy it is to be able to take a break and check out all the other amazing activity going on in every nook and cranny on campus! What a joy it is to travel the world and make movies with the man I love! Sometimes I wonder if life can get any better… and then it does…








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