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1.18.13: Bicycle Revolution, Meet Cinematic Revolution

This evening we are welcomed by Guim, Thuy and the rest of the sweet pedal power radicals at The Hanoi Bicycle Collective to present the EPFC Rambling Road Show. Somehow  60+ folks spanning several decades and several continents jam into the upstairs lounge for a high-energy program of short handmade films, hobo rock (featuring guest rocker in the sparkling pink sneakers, An Nguyen Maxtone-Graham on drums) and, of course, BINGO, Hanoi’s hottest new trend… you heard it here first, Grapevine! Sometimes it’s hard to capture the overwhelming love in the room in a few clicks of the keyboard, but I think one of the SWS students in attendance summed it up nicely on Facebook:

“just had a simply-beyond-words night with Paolo and Lisa. Now I just wanna grab a girl, tell her to be with me all the time, to travel with me from nowhere to everywhere, to be crazy and crazy and crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! what a night! what a night!!”

‘Nuff said!

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