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1.3.13: Onward and Upward

5 am and it’s raining… but that doesn’t stop The Sound We See! We hop on our bikes and ride across town to meet Mai Phuong at her family home for the first shoot of the day. Mai’s segment is about the importance of family and family history… We begin with her mother, then zip back across town in the morning rush hour to visit her grandmother (to our surprise, it’s not an actual person we’re paying respects to but a shrine dedicated to grandmother’s memory, placed in a room inside her uncle’s house behind the family fabric shop) then another cross town jaunt (the rain a mere drizzle by now) to a special terrace cafe where a friend is waiting. Afterwards, we breakfast on the most delicious Pho spiced with fresh lime juice and spicy red peppers.

In the afternoon, we film from the top of the office building where Hang works as a journalist for Hanoi’s official newspaper. We enjoy the stunning views and the shrine dedicated to Uncle, complete with fresh bananas. Later, a refreshing treat of tea with dried lychee and then the whole gang gathers to watch footage shot and processed over the last few days. The excitement is mounting!!!


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